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Webinar: Business Case for Green and Affordable Housing

Learn about the paper ‘Business Case for Green and Affordable Housing’ through a free webinar organized by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, on Wednesday, September 22.

The webinar will focus on six drivers of profitability discussed in the paper in the Journal of Enterprise Development and Microfinance: 1) Access to international green finance flows for better financing terms; 2) Minimized incremental cost through early planning; 3) Faster sales through market differentiation; 4) Savings on utility bills for owners and renters; 5) Lowered default rates and superior collateral value for green mortgages; and 6) Incentives from local and national governments.

IFC has experience helping clients and partners to certify as green over 80,000 affordable housing units worldwide. The webinar will showcase examples of lenders and developers with successful investments, and governments with existing incentive programs.

The Business Case webinar will be offered three times on September 22, 2021. You can register for the time zone that best suits you:

Session 1:  12:30 Delhi  |  15:00 Hong Kong  |  17:00 Sydney – Registration Link for Session 1

Session 2:  8:00 Washington, DC  |  14:00 Paris  | 16:00 Nairobi – Registration Link for Session 2

Session 3 (in Spanish):  14:00 Mexico City  |  15:00 Bogota  |  17:00 Buenos Aires – Registration Link for Session 3

Guest speakers include:

  • Tom Woodward, Climate Lead for Reall, a UK-based investor in affordable homes
  • Katarina Zdraljevic, Head of Environmental Management Unit in Banco ProCredit Ecuador, a commercial bank with incentivized loans for green buildings
  • Carlo Luis Peralta Rabat, President of the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, a government agency investing in secondary mortgages in the Philippines

The webinar will use learnings from IFC, with contributions from the World Bank including ESMAP; Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice; and Urban, Disaster Risk, Resilience, and Land Global Practice. The webinar is co-promoted by a number of organizations, including: the Global Alliance for Buildings and ConstructionWorld Resources InstituteHabitat for Humanity, Center for Affordable Housing Africa, Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme – One Planet Network, Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB),  Africa Property Investment Summit, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, as well as by the network of green building councils and EDGE certifiers.

We hope you will join us for the webinar to learn how you can transition the global residential real estate industry onto a low-carbon path.

Session One

Asia Pacific Session – in English – 12:30 Delhi  |  15:00 Hong Kong  |  18:00 Sydney

Session Two

Europe, Africa, Americas – in English – 8:00 Washington, DC  |  14:00 Paris  | 16:00 Nairobi

Session Three

Latin America – in Spanish – 14:00 Mexico City  |  15:00 Bogota  |  17:00 Buenos Aires