EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

    Before an auditor can begin, there is a building professional whose expertise is critical to the EDGE certification process.

    Who is this key player, and what is his or her role?

    A CEO or business owner will rarely use the EDGE software directly. Instead, he will turn to an engineering firm to ensure that the right decisions are made within the opex environment so he can feel confident that his project will achieve strong results. Engineers are technical experts who prepare projects within EDGE in order for auditors to assess and determine whether they should be submitted for certification.

    Engineers can use EDGE without certification, as a check to verify that a project design will deliver quantifiably. As a free resource, EDGE provides an upfront advantage to the client, who can forego expensive simulation modeling.

    Whether or not the intention is to certify, engineers play a crucial role in bringing an EDGE building to life, as they choose the systems, fittings and solutions that best match the client’s ambitions. While contractors used to work separately on different aspects of a building’s design, EDGE provides a holistic solution by integrating the pieces of the puzzle to create a single snapshot of resource-efficient performance.

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