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    EDGE in Colombia

    EDGE is a green building certification system that empowers the Colombian real estate market to build sustainably. An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE makes it faster, easier and more affordable than ever before to build and brand green. CAMACOL is the exclusive provider of EDGE certification services in Colombia, providing opportunities to increase the marketability of buildings at the design stage.

    With the growth and urbanization of the Colombian economy, many Colombians have migrated to cities. Seventy-five percent of Colombia’s population now lives in urban centers, which are striving to meet the demand of their growing population. Residential construction is starting to drive the green building market as developers realize the value of building green for their customers. EDGE can meet the need for resource-efficient buildings, residential and beyond.

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    EDGE is an opportunity for governments, builders, banks and buyers, especially in Colombia.


    Colombia is committed to reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent by 2030, especially through increasing energy efficiency in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.


    From Bogotá to Medellín, Colombia’s urban centers are in need of more buildings. With an annual growth rate of 6%, the construction sector offers an  ideal opportunity to build and brand green in Colombia.


    The investment potential for green buildings in Colombia is more than $8B by 2030, according to IFC’s Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets.


    Building green presents the opportunity to lower utility bills and conserve energy. As Colombia continues to grow, consumers are beginning to recognize the benefits of living in more sustainable buildings.

    The financial sector in Colombia is driving change, encouraging industry leaders to think twice before building conventionally.

    Financial institutions are driving the green building movement in Colombia, which is among the top 20 fastest-growing markets for construction spending. With the help of IFC, banks such as Bancolombia and Davivienda are issuing green bonds in support of green building projects. Bancolombia’s green-bond financing has helped build projects like the Ariza Torre Oriente housing developments, where owners can save up to 25 percent in energy use and 29 percent in water use. Davivienda received the largest green-bond issuance by a private institution in Latin America from IFC and has used its funds to finance large sustainable construction projects. Bancolombia and Davivienda are pioneering the use of EDGE certification to ensure a metrics-driven approach to their investments that reduces exposure to risk. With their financing, the green building movement will continue to grow across Colombia.

    Case Study: Colombia’s Top Developers Realize the Low Extra Cost of Building Green

    Project NameTypeSizeEnergy SolutionsWater SolutionsExtra Cost/Payback Period
    Edificio BIEL
    6,690m2Reduced window to wall ratio, external shading devices, energy-saving lighting system for internal spaces, common areas and external spaces, lighting controls for common areas and outdoors, and no HVAC systems.
    Low-flow faucets in kitchens and bathrooms, and dual-flush water closets.
    $US 685 with a payback of 3.6 years

    CAMACOL is your go-to source for EDGE certification.

    EDGE certification in Colombia is provided by CAMACOL.

    CAMACOL is the exclusive provider of EDGE certification services in Colombia. Find out more about CAMACOL and view their certification rates to see how they would apply to one of your upcoming projects.

    Carrera 19 # 90-10 Piso 2
    Bogota, Colombia
    +57 (1) 743 0265
    CAMACOL is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals and companies to strengthen the construction sector’s value chain and boost competitiveness in Colombia.

    Reference Pricing for Colombia:*

    Per Project Site: COP 900,000
    Project TypeCertificationDesign AuditFinal AuditTotal
    Residential (one typology and a maximum of 400 units)COP 7,350,000COP 8,585,500COP 11,319,000COP 28,154,500
    Residential (up to three typologies and a maximum of 200 units)COP 8,400,000COP 11,038,500COP 13,585,000COP 33,923,500
    Residential (up to three typologies and 201-400 units)COP 9,100,000COP 11,038,500COP 14,998,5000COP 36,037,000
    Commercial (hospitality 3 stars or less, or serviced apartments with a maximum of 50 units)COP 8,400,000COP 10,505,000COP 11,319,000COP 30,224,000
    Commercial (hospitality 4 stars or more, offices, retail, education, or hospitals)COP 8,400,000COP 12,265,000COP 13,772,000COP 34,437,000
    Commercial (existing buildings) COP 6,650,000COP 0COP 18,590,000COP 26,140,000

    *For more complex projects, reach out to CAMACOL to get a quote.

    For clients pursuing EDGE certification for their projects, note that Colombia has a national green building code with two stages of implementation. The following applies:

    1. The baseline for the EDGE App is identical to the baseline for Colombia’s green building code.
    2. Any project with a construction permit dated before August 1, 2017 must comply with Table No. 1 (on page 5) of Resolution No. 0549, Ministry of Housing, Cities and Territories, when seeking EDGE certification.
    3. Any project with a construction permit dated after August 1, 2017 must comply with Table No. 2 (on page 6) of Resolution No. 0549, Ministry of Housing, Cities and Territories, when seeking EDGE certification.

    Certify your project in three easy steps with the EDGE App.

    1. Create and Register

    Create and register your project, receive a quote, and send the required payment.

    2. Submit

    Upload compliance documentation and submit your project.

    3. Certify

    Win certification to better market your project to customers.

    Understand the exact cost of certification in advance.

    EDGE green building certification has two stages: design and construction. Each stage mirrors the other, except that a site audit is required at the construction stage. Upon completion of the design stage, a preliminary EDGE certificate is awarded, which enables marketability of your project with the EDGE brand. Upon completion of the construction stage, a final EDGE certificate is awarded. The cost of certification covers both stages. If your project is already built, only the construction stage of certification is required.

    The first step towards certification is to create your project within the EDGE App. While it’s possible to calculate a rough estimate from the pricing chart, you may wish to receive a quote for a precise figure before entering your project within EDGE.

    For more detailed questions regarding certification in Colombia, email CAMACOL.

    Consider hiring an EDGE Expert for your project.

    You may wish to hire an EDGE Expert depending on the size and complexity of your project and whether you are new to EDGE. EDGE Experts are trained and accredited professionals who provide advice on green design and help prepare your project’s application for certification. They are your go-to resource for your project team to better understand the EDGE software, standard and certification system.

    To find your EDGE Expert today, visit EDGE Experts Around the World.

    Note that hiring an EDGE Expert is not a requirement of EDGE certification.

    Discover how others are designing and building green with EDGE.

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