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  • For a small investment, EDGE certify your project and quickly increase the marketability of your sustainable building.

Certify with EDGE to quickly increase the marketability of your green building.

EDGE makes it faster and easier than ever before to certify a project green. Earn a minimum of 20% savings in energy, water and embodied energy in materials, and your project can be certified. Determine the most cost-effective choices for building green and estimated utility savings.

Obtain a preliminary EDGE certificate at the design stage and promote your project with the EDGE brand even before its been built. Final certification is required once your project is constructed.

EDGE brings a numbers-based approach to certification, helping you to attract new customers and make a statement of environmental responsibility.

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Now there are three ways to certify with EDGE. Reach at least 20% savings in water and materials, then choose your level of energy savings.

1. EDGE Certified

Achieve the minimum standard of 20% in energy, water and embodied energy in materials.

2. EDGE Advanced

Earn 40% or more energy savings for a higher level of recognition, with at least 20% savings in water and materials.

3. Zero Carbon

Go all the way to carbon neutral with 40% or more energy savings on-site, achieving 100% through renewables or topping off with carbon offsets.

Aspire to higher levels of EDGE certification and join the global initiative towards zero carbon in the building industry.

EDGE supports the ambitions of Architecture 2030 and the World Green Building Council (WGBC) for new buildings to be zero carbon by 2030 and all buildings to be zero carbon by 2050. The “Advancing Net Zero” initiative of the WGBC aligns with the Paris Agreement to keep rising temperatures well below 2 degrees Celsius.

All EDGE-certified projects protect natural resources and save on operational expenses. For builders with even higher aspirations, EDGE Advanced and Zero Carbon are opportunities for even more acclaim. Recognition is reflected on project studies, certificates, award submissions and more.

Interested in pursuing the highest level of EDGE certification for your project?  Read our guide on How to Apply for EDGE Zero Carbon Certification.

EDGE Advanced

EDGE certified with 40% or more on-site energy savings. Project owners can claim “Advanced” status for 40% or more in water and/or materials, but must achieve the 40% energy savings requirement.

At preliminary and final certification stages.

Not required.

Extra Cost:
None (above regular certification fees).

Zero Carbon

EDGE Advanced with 100% renewables on-site or off-site, or purchased carbon offsets to reach 100%. All energy usage must be accounted for, including secondary fuels such as diesel and LPG.

At least one year after final EDGE certification with 75% occupancy, when operational data must be submitted to prove compliance.

Every four years with 100% renewables and every two years when offsets have been purchased.

Extra Cost:
$500 or less at the project level and $50 or less per housing unit for each renewal period (in addition to regular certification fees).

Carbon Offset Providers:

The following have been authorized by EDGE: ClimateSEED, Community Climate Biodiversity Standard, Gold Standard, ISO 14064-2, UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism, and Verified Carbon Standard

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