EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

    Choosing a new home is often based on an ideal location or an emotional connection. But will the home perform well?

    By opting for a resource-efficient home, homeowners are assured of the comfort and well-being of their families while saving on utility bills.

    Green homes were once expensive and unavailable in most places. Now EDGE helps property developers to build homes that include such solutions as low-energy lighting, solar power, and water conservation devices. Homeowners can save at least 20% on energy and water bills compared to an ordinary home, creating greater confidence in the long-term value of the investment. EDGE also works well for the rental market, sparking demand through green living spaces that offer better value for customers.

    Not only do green homes perform better, but they typically sell as much as four times faster and at a price that is 4-10% higher. Perhaps best of all, homeowners have the satisfaction that they are protecting the environment.

    “The credibility of the EDGE certificate and the opportunity for the homeowner to monetize it presents a lovely value proposition.”

    – PS Jayakumar, Former Managing Director & Founder, VBHC

    Managing Director & CEO, Bank of Baroda