EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

    Between a developer and a certification provider is an important individual who brings the EDGE certification process to life.

    An EDGE auditor ensures the project team’s documentation is complete and conducts a review to verify if the requirements of the EDGE standard have been met. The auditor reviews project documentation at the design and construction stages, performing a site audit as a final check. While the auditor doesn’t provide consulting services or advice on the project, he can answer technical inquiries that arise.

    A developer pursuing certification selects an auditor from a list made available by the EDGE certifier, or, for certain countries, from auditor lists available on this site. The developer may request that the certifier appoint an auditor to his project. The auditor serves as an independent, third-party assessor and is paid by the client. As a relationship manager, the auditor establishes his reputation through trust and excellent service.

    With the delivery of a thorough and accurate project review by the auditor, the certifier can quickly and easily review the client’s project and award EDGE certification.

    Connect to the certification provider where you live to find out about upcoming training opportunities for EDGE Auditors.

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