EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

    The green movement has a reputation for being all substance and no style. But what if a new generation of architects were to change that?

    There’s a great future for the visionary who can turn the guts of a technical guide into a sketch of genius. Because in the new era of “performalism,” design will be judged not only for its inspiration, but by responsiveness as well.

    You cannot improve what you cannot measure. And soon it could be common that architects must verify the quality of their green building design in quantitative ways. It will be up to a new generation to help plot the future of bioclimatic design with structures that are lighter on the earth.

    EDGE informs the brief, enabling architects to pull performance out of a building without sacrificing design integrity. It happens at the most critical moment when a project’s design is born.

    In just 3 minutes, the EDGE Demo for Architects shows how to incorporate passive design in your work.

    Interested in becoming an EDGE Expert? Find out how you can make it your business to direct clients towards high-performing design.

    EDGE Experts encourage the construction sector to design and build green by serving as trusted and experienced advisers.