EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

    Auditors’ Corner

    If you are an EDGE Auditor or aspiring to become one, the Auditors’ Corner can provide you with the information that you need. The Approval Protocol for Auditors Version 2.0.1 clarifies the purpose of EDGE Auditors and the pre-qualification and approval process in order to become one. It also provides information on training, testing and how to maintain an active status as an EDGE Auditor. The Branding Guidelines for EDGE Auditors shows how you can add your auditor status on your business card, email signature, and LinkedIn profile, with suggestions on how to promote your services on your website.

    From creating a project to getting it certified, the certification process is now fully integrated into the EDGE software. Click through our step-by-step guide to explore the new user dashboard and streamlined certification process. For more information on the roles and responsibilities for the EDGE Client, EDGE Auditor, EDGE Partner and the IFC EDGE Operations & Maintenance Team please refer to the Certification Protocol Version 2.0.1 which sets out the process which must be followed in order for an EDGE Certificate to be issued. In addition, the EDGE Protocol Glossary of Terms Version 2.0.1 provides definitions for some of the most commonly used terms in the above EDGE Protocols.

    For a limited time, you may submit your project for certification by using the respective submission template below. Each template includes a checklist and calculators for certain systems and solutions that have been selected, to ensure that the details of the project are recorded and requirements have been met:

    Version 1.2 – Updated April 20, 2016

    For a limited time, a building design team can complete the checklist and utilize the calculators outside of the EDGE app, submitting the information to the Auditor for review. In this instance, the Client Submission Template should be used.

    If you are an aspiring EDGE Auditor you can connect to the certification provider where you live to find out about upcoming training opportunities. Current EDGE Auditors are already EDGE Experts and can promote both services simultaneously, although not for the same project.

    Questions on the EDGE auditing and review process can be directed to edge@ifc.org.

    Marketing Resources

    Download the EDGE Marketing Presentation in English for your presentations to clients. Please note the PowerPoint will soon be translated and available for downloading in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

    Share the EDGE 60-second spot called Building a Brighter Tomorrow and the four-minute video Build a Better World with EDGE with clients, either by sending them a link through email correspondence or by sharing the video during a presentation. When meeting with a client, videos should never be shared with a client directly from the YouTube channel but should be connected to a screen from the desktop of a high-quality laptop. To receive a link to download the videos, email edge@ifc.org.

    Connect to EDGE on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep updated on the latest announcements about EDGE, as well as insights to the broader green building market.

    View the EDGE Software Demo to show clients how to design a resource-efficient building in less than four minutes.

    Visit the News section for the latest press coverage on EDGE.

    Browse Project Studies to help clients envision how their certified project could appear on the EDGE global platform.

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