EDGE Version 3.0 is live!

Sign up for Online Training to Become an EDGE Expert

EDGE Experts Online Training is offered by GBCI, the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), and Sintali. All courses can be taken at your own time and pace.

You must successfully complete EDGE Experts training to become eligible to take the EDGE Exam. Once you’ve completed your training, IFC will email an EDGE Exam Eligibility ID to you within two weeks, so you can register for the exam.

GBCI’s interactive course consists of five one-hour video modules with quizzes, a practical exercise, and other resources.

Students have full access to the course, including exam study and sales resources for one year after purchase. The course costs US$150 and is available in English or Spanish.

EDGE certification in South Africa is provided by the Green Building Council South Africa.

GBCSA’s online training is six modules (approximately one-hour each) contextualized to the local African context.

Students have access to the course material for a two-week period as selected by the participant.

Sintali offers an 8-hour course covering a comprehensive overview of the EDGE certification and auditing process, and a technical overview of EDGE measures.

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