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    EDGE in Vietnam

    EDGE is a green building certification system that empowers the Vietnamese real estate market to build sustainably. An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE makes it faster, easier and more affordable than ever before to build and brand green. SGS can help you to certify your project and quickly increase its marketability.

    Vietnam is experiencing the fourth fastest construction growth rate in East Asia, with the government planning to build a million affordable homes by 2020. Yet Vietnam is also one of the top five countries most vulnerable to climate change, because of its long and low-lying coastline. At this critical juncture, how can Vietnam continue to expand its built environment without adding to the negative impacts of climate change?

    EDGE certification provides a solution: to capitalize on the value of green buildings by promoting the benefits to customers while protecting the environment. With EDGE, it’s possible to stay at the forefront of the green building trend.

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    EDGE is an opportunity for governments, builders, banks and buyers, especially in Vietnam.


    Vietnam plans to mitigate GHG emissions by 8 percent and reduce greenhouse-gas intensity per unit of GDP by 20 percent by 2030.


    The Vietnam Green Building Promotion Program is leading the charge with a dozen companies and organizations committed to green buildings.


    The investment potential for green buildings is $8B in the near term, according to IFC’s Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets.


    Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will soon have twice the population as in 2000, providing an opportunity for housing stock to be built green.

    Early adopters of EDGE are creating momentum, encouraging others to think twice before building conventionally.

    The greening of Vietnam is under way due to a consortium of pioneers who have made it their business to certify their projects with EDGE and other green building certification labels. The Vietnam Green Building Promotion Program is proactively advertising the benefits of green buildings to consumers and lobbying the government to offer incentives to inspire others in the market to join them. Operating under the motto “Together for a Green Vietnam,” the program is driven by a strong investment by Capital House, with participants including Phuc Khang Corporation, CEO, and FLC, under the auspices of the Vietnam Real Estate Association.

    Case Studies: Vietnam’s Top Developers Realize the Low Extra Cost of Building Green

    ProjectTypeSizeEnergy SolutionsWater SolutionsExtra Cost/Payback Period
    Capital House’s Ecolife CapitolHomes760 units totaling 55,000m2Reduced WWR, Reflective Paint, Roof Insulation, Low-E Coated Glass, Energy-Efficient Lighting, Solar PhotovoltaicsLow-Flow Showerheads, Low-Flow Faucets for Baths, Water-Efficient Single-Flush Toilets3% of Total Investment with a Payback of 4.4 Years
    FPT Urban Company’s FPT ComplexOffice30,000m2Solar Photovoltaics, VRV Cooling System with a High COP, Sensible Heat Recovery from Exhaust Air, Higher Thermal Performance Glass, Roof and Walls Insulation, Energy-Efficient LightingEnergy-Efficient Air-Cooled Chiller to Reduce Water Consumption9.8 Billion VND with a Payback of 3.6 Years
    Nam Cuong’s AnLand ComplexHomes551 units totaling 72,131m2Reduced WWR, Reflective Paint, External Shading Devices, Roof and Wall Insulation, Energy-Efficient LightingLow-Flow Showerheads, Low-Flow Faucets for Baths, Dual-Flush Toilets2.5% of Total Investment with a Payback of 5.4 Years

    SGS Vietnam is your go-to source for EDGE certification.

    EDGE certification services in Vietnam are provided exclusively by SGS, which sets the global benchmark for quality and integrity as providers of independent oversight for professional credentialing and project certification programs.

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    Certification Pricing for Vietnam:*

    FEESLESS THAN 2,500 M2*2,500 – 9,999 M2*10,000 – 29,999 M2*30,000 – 49,999 M2*50,000 – 99,999 M2**MORE THAN 100,000 M2***
    Registration $300$300$300$300$300$300
    Certification $1,200$2,700$4,700$6,700$8,700$10,700
    Design Audit$500$1,000$1,500$2,500$3,500$4,500
    Post Construction Audit$1,000$2,000$3,000$4,000$8,000$9,000
    Total Fees$3,000$6,000$9,500$13,500$20,500$24,500

    *includes 1 site visit, **includes 2 site visits, ***Includes 3 site visits

    For new buildings certified at the post-construction stage, certification and auditing fees are required to be paid in full. For existing buildings, certification fees are 50% of indicated costs. Auditor fees are expressed in man day rates and the total dedication may vary depending on the project. Hiring an auditor is required for EDGE certification. All costs are in U.S. dollars.

    Certify your project in three easy steps with the EDGE App.

    1. Register

    Create your project, receive a quote, and send the required payment.

    2. Submit

    Upload compliance documentation and submit your project.

    3. Certify

    Win certification to better market your project to customers.

    Understand the exact cost of certification in advance.

    EDGE green building certification has two stages: design and construction. Each stage mirrors the other, except that a site audit is required at the construction stage. Upon completion of the design stage, a preliminary EDGE certificate is awarded, which enables marketability of your project with the EDGE brand. Upon completion of the construction stage, a final EDGE certificate is awarded. The cost of certification covers both stages. If your project is already built, only the construction stage of certification is required.

    The first step towards certification is to create your project within the EDGE App. While it’s possible to calculate a rough estimate from the pricing chart, you may wish to receive a quote for a precise figure before entering your project within EDGE. You can also find a local EDGE Expert to help you to choose the most cost-effective green options.

    For more detailed questions regarding certification in Vietnam, email SGS.

    Consider hiring an EDGE Expert for your project.

    You may wish to hire an EDGE Expert depending on the size and complexity of your project and whether you are new to EDGE. EDGE Experts are trained and accredited professionals who provide advice on green design and help prepare your project’s application for certification. They are your go-to resource for your project team to better understand the EDGE software, standard and certification system.

    To find your EDGE Expert today, visit EDGE Experts Around the World.

    Note that hiring an EDGE Expert is not a requirement of EDGE certification.

    Discover how others are designing and building green with EDGE.

    Cable TV Tower – Data Centre Conversion

    Cable TV Tower – Data Centre Conversion has received a Preliminary EDGE Certificate from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).

    BluHomes Gakakan

    BluHomes Gakakan has received Final EDGE Advanced Certification from the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI).

    Mvule Gardens by 14 Trees

    Mvule Gardens by 14 Trees has received a Preliminary EDGE Advanced Certificate from Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI).

    MTH 27 Office Suites

    MTH 27 Office Suites has received a Preliminary EDGE Advanced Certificate from the Green Building Council Indonesia.

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